Current Custom Saddle Wait Time 8 - 10 Weeks

NEW! Custom Breast Collars wait time: 5 weeks

YES, wait times and all in-stock saddles are CURRENT today and updated to-the-minute 

All our Saddles are Custom Made to Your Specifications

You can change any of the details of the saddle by choosing options from our "Saddle Parts" tab
Please allow 8 - 10 weeks to build your Custom Saddle. To see Our Return Policy Click Here

*ANY of our styles/designs can be made into any of our saddle types.
ex.)  Your new Cutter can look like one of our Barrels

*Helpful Tip: please notify Bank/Credit Card Companies before purchase so transactions do not fail.

Saddle Categories

    Saddle Categories

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    Neoprene Roper Cinch neocinchr

    Neoprene Roper Cinch


    FeatherFlex Roper

    5S NATURAL MOHAIR STRAIGHT CINCH wc31ns200ssd 89.99

    Natural Woven Mohair Straight Cutter Cincha

    CHS-Straight-Cinch_Dark Brown 5176

    CHS Cinch Straight Dark Brown Black


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    CHS Roper Cinch Dark Brown


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