Current Custom Saddle Wait Time 8 - 10 Weeks

NEW! Custom Breast Collars wait time: 5 weeks

YES, wait times and all in-stock saddles are CURRENT today and updated to-the-minute 

All our Saddles are Custom Made to Your Specifications

You can change any of the details of the saddle by choosing options from our "Saddle Parts" tab
Please allow 8 - 10 weeks to build your Custom Saddle. To see Our Return Policy Click Here

*ANY of our styles/designs can be made into any of our saddle types.
ex.)  Your new Cutter can look like one of our Barrels

*Helpful Tip: please notify Bank/Credit Card Companies before purchase so transactions do not fail.

Saddle Categories

    Saddle Categories

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    CHS-Straight-Cinch_Dark Brown 5176

    CHS Cinch Straight Dark Brown Black

    Neoprene Roper Cinch neocinchr

    Neoprene Roper Cinch


    FeatherFlex Roper

    5S NATURAL MOHAIR STRAIGHT CINCH wc31ns200ssd 89.99

    Natural Woven Mohair Straight Cutter Cincha

    CHS Roper Cinch Dark Brown


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