Iconoclast Orthopedic Extra Tall Sport Boots

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Iconoclast Orthopedic Sport Boots:

• The added length of the Iconoclast Extra Tall Boots affords the ultimate in proper support to the hind limbs from “verticle loading” during aggressive riding and training maneuvers.
• Designed to support and protect the sesamodial and suspensory area of the equine leg.
• Featuring the patented Double Sling Straps which are designed to provide 360-degree lateral support.
• Designed for use in all disciplines of Western and English equitation.
• Constructed of Orthopedic Grade Neoprene with a soft knit inner lining for the perfect form fit and comfort for your horse.

Small: 8.5-9.5″
Medium: 9.5-10.5″
Large: 10.5-11.5″

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The Iconoclast extra tall orthopedic sport boot cradles and lifts the fetlock while providing support to the top of the upper suspensory ligament. This boot contours to the hind lower legs. The patented double sling straps provide lateral support to the sesamoidal region. Four additional upper straps provide support all the way to just below the hock joint. This combination provides balanced, nonrestrictive support to the lower leg and the vertically moving tissues of the equine leg. The Iconoclast extra tall orthopedic sport boot provides balanced support that protects your horse against soft tissue damage and hyperextension.

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