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Casa Zia Multi Fringe Saddle Blanket 32×32




Mustang Casa Zia Multi Colored Stripe with Fringe Saddle Blanket Heavyweight 100% New Zealand quality wool doubled and sewn 32x 32 blanket with wear leathers that run the entire length of the pad. Mustang Casa Zia Chocolate Saddle Blanket

Size: 32 x 32in
• Wicks away moisture for a dryer back
• Conforms to your horse’s back
• Natural Fiber against your horse’s skin
• Smoother shock absorbing rides
• Weight is approximately 7lbs

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Mustang Casa Zia blanket is made from 100% New Zealand quality wool.  Handwoven and custom designed wool blanket is heavyweight and features full-length oil tanned wear leathers.  The breathable wool blanket wicks away moisture quickly and is one of nature’s most durable fibers.  The Mustang Casa Zia blanket is easily washed and cleaned for long use.